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Zhi Spirit Support Flower Essence

Zhi Spirit Support Flower Essence

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The Spirit Support collection are an inspired interpretation of the 5 spirits of traditional Chinese medicine. Zhi is the spirit pertaining to the element of water, the kidneys, and fear. Healthy zhi presents itself as inner strength, courage, and fortitude that helps drive us towards, or back to, our destiny.

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Encouraging replenished inner forces, courage to confront and overcome destructive patterns and habits, ability to fulfill ones potential with greater ease, reconnect with the inherent power and will within, a feeling of lightness.

For emotional exhaustion, fatigue or weariness after long struggles or chronic illness, inability to rouse inner forces to catalyze growth, regressing into addictions, overtaken by fears, mental absence or sleepiness due to depletion.

Take 4 drops, 4 times a day or as desired. Being a frequency medicine, dosing for essences may be intuitive. You may take directly, in water, or stirred into your bath.

Full Ingredients

organic alcohol,

Derived from organic corn, alcohol is used to tincture and preserve essences.


In the making of essences, flowers are imprinted through the sun's rays into structured water, which functions as a carrier of information from the plant.

organic and wildcrafted essences of Borago officinalis,

Borage brings lightness and levity to the heart, counteracting times of heavy-heartedness and a lack of courage.

Mertensia ciliata,

Lungwort helps re-instill light and hope into our bodily structures when depression and resignation have caused fatigue and weighed. us down.

Penstemon davidsonii,

Penstemon gives us strength and fortitude when confronting challenges and hardship. This essence can help empower us, allowing avoidance of victim mentality and a dimming down of our inner power.

Rosmarinus officinalis,

Rosemary helps to bring in vitality and warmth throughout the body, allowing for the soul to be properly incarnated and expressed through our physical beings. This way, our higher forces can be expressed and worked out in the physical world, manifesting in mental clarity and the ability to take action.

Sequoia sempervirens

Redwood helps to affirm our incarnation to bring about greater physical vitality, strength, and development.

What We Offer

Organic, Wildcrafted, and Grass-Fed

Sourcing is at the forefront of Flora Numina products. Our botanicals and flower essences are organic or wildcrafted, and animal-based products are both organic and grass-fed (where applicable). We believe that if natural products are tainted by chemical influences such as pesticides and genetically modified ingredients, they can do more harm than good. We would rather miss out of making a product or using an ingredient if not available at a high purity than compromise on this belief.


Our skincare is focused on using healing and nourishing animal-based saturated fats. Products like tallow and ghee are highly stable, meaning they do not easily oxidise like unsaturated plant oils (such as rosehip oil, sunflower oil, and grapeseed oil which are all so popular in skincare). This is important as oxidisation can lead to skin damage, aging, inflammation, and so on.

In addition to stability, animal-based fats are loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and so on that feed and repair our skin, no matter the concern or skin type.

Since animals can store toxins in their fat, it is integral to source fats from healthy animals. This is why Flora Numina uses exclusively organic and grass-fed tallow and ghee harvested from pastured, healthy cows.

Practitioner Formulated

Flora Numina was founded by a certified flower essence practitioner and licensed acupuncturist who sought to bring her formulations to a larger population. With in-depth experience both personally and professionally with flower essences and herbal medicine, the offerings at Flora Numina are nuanced, intuitive, and made with love for both the plants and the people.

Respectfully Cultivated

Interacting with nature, Flora Numina ingredients are sourced respectfully with gratitude for the life force behind every botanical and animal-based ingredient. Where relevant, sustainable wildcrafting and ethical farming practices are employed.