Flora Shen was founded by registered acupuncturist and flower essence therapist Ella Simone. As a teenager, Ella began making her own flower essences on her parents organic farm. These early interactions with the flowers ignited an adoration for this medicine. In 2016, she attended the Flower Essence Societies Professional Course, and proceeded to continue with the Certification Program. 

​Ella has had a lifelong deep interest in holistic health. Having grown up seeing acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths, and chiropractors, she became personally aware of the true healing that can come from these modalities that focus on robust health over the simple absence of disease. This led her to further expand upon her offerings through pursuing acupuncture.

Ella earned her Diploma of Acupuncture in 2022, and continues to refine her education in Chinese medicine through training programs focused on the Five Element traditions and treating the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of dis-ease, in addition to the physical.