Flora Numina began as an extension of my clinical practice as a registered acupuncturist and flower essence therapist. I began by bridging the two modalities with the Spirit Support collection, but quickly expanded my offerings, following my additional passions of herbalism and beauty. As my visions and offerings of this shop grew, it took on a life of its own separate from my clinical practice, all the while maintaining the core ethos of seeking to provide healing tools for both physical and spiritual wellbeing.

My intention with Flora Numina is to provide the highest quality products as close to nature as possible. The source of my ingredients is of the utmost importance to me. The animal products I use are raised respectfully, and are both organic and grass-fed to maintain the greatest nutritive content and purity. The plants I use are organic and wildcrafted. When cultivating plants and flowers myself, I do so with love and respect for the life force of the plants. Working with these medicines is an honour and joy for me, and I see it as a blessing that I get to share this work with others.

I hope that you can sense this care and reverence when using these offerings.

With love,

Ella Simone, R.Ac