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Serenity Drops Flower Essence

Serenity Drops Flower Essence

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The name says it all- Serenity Drops are like peace in a bottle. Formulated to melt away tension and bring about a sense of peace and calmness. Allow it to happen.

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This remedy is intended help with the ability to sink into peace, greater ease in breathing and sleep, ability to have protective boundaries to mitigate stress, ability to retain a sense of calm despite environmental stressors or demands. 

For when feeling wound-up, burnt-out, inability to cope with daily demands and stressors, inability to relax or decompress.

Take 4 drops, 4 times a day or as desired. Being a frequency medicine, dosing for essences may be intuitive. You may take directly, in water, or stirred into your bath.

Full Ingredients

organic alcohol,

Derived from organic corn, alcohol is used to tincture and preserve essences.


In the making of essences, flowers are imprinted through the sun's rays into structured water, which functions as a carrier of information from the plant.

organic and wildcrafted essences of Achillea millefolium,

Resins are a substance produced by trees (or bees, in the case of proplis) to seal and mend wounds in the bark. This hints at the function they also lend to our skin. Resins are regenerative and deeply healing to the skin, many with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Whole resins are melted down into this skin cream, providing a spectrum of benefits that are not found in the distilled essental oils alone. In addition, being akin to the blood of the trees, resins are a deeply grounding medicine from the forests.

Frankincense: anciently adored as a medicinal and spiritual substance, frankincense is rich in boswellic acid. This resin is anti-inflammatory and promotes skin elasticity.

Elemi: elemi has a particular affiliation with skincare, being prized for centuries in helping with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Myrrh: this resin aids in healing blemishes with its antiseptic, healing nature. It rejuvenates the skin, contributing to healing and healthy ageing.

Pine: healing to a range of irritated skin conditions, pine is an unsung hero in skincare that everyone could benefit from thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory nature.

Propolis: this resin is one that, unlike the others in this blend, is not created by trees, but rather by bees! Propolis is well loved in Korean beauty products due to its ability to fight acne and support skin soothing.

Lavandula officinalis,

This steam distillation of rockrose is known to be powerful in supporting the reduction of wrinkles and fine-lines through its cell-plumping magic. It also supports wound and scar healing. Rockrose has been medicinally and in sacred rites since the ancient Egyptians.

Matricaria recutita,

Rosemary verbenone hydrosol is gentle yet purifying, decongesting the pores and calming irritated and rough skin.

Silene californica,

Indian pink can help us to stay present and centred. This essence helps to ease those under high-stress situations. It is helpful for those who can develop feelings of fragmentation and overwhelm under pressure.

Valeriana capitata

Capitate valerian brings us great inner peace. Those who find themselves taken out of the present moment with fears for the future or anxieties about the past can benefit wonderfully from this essence.

Our Values

Organic, Wildcrafted, and Grass-Fed

Sourcing is at the forefront of Flora Numina products. Our botanicals and flower essences are organic or wildcrafted, and animal-based products are both organic and grass-fed (where applicable). We believe that if natural products are tainted by chemical influences such as pesticides and genetically modified ingredients, they can do more harm than good. We would rather miss out of making a product or using an ingredient if not available at a high purity than compromise on this belief.


Our skincare is focused on using healing and nourishing animal-based saturated fats. Products like tallow and ghee are highly stable, meaning they do not easily oxidise like unsaturated plant oils (such as rosehip oil, sunflower oil, and grapeseed oil which are all so popular in skincare). This is important as oxidisation can lead to skin damage, aging, inflammation, and so on.

In addition to stability, animal-based fats are loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and so on that feed and repair our skin, no matter the concern or skin type.

Since animals can store toxins in their fat, it is integral to source fats from healthy animals. This is why Flora Numina uses exclusively organic and grass-fed tallow and ghee harvested from pastured, healthy cows.

Practitioner Formulated

Flora Numina was founded by a certified flower essence practitioner and licensed acupuncturist who sought to bring her formulations to a larger population. With in-depth experience both personally and professionally with flower essences and herbal medicine, the offerings at Flora Numina are nuanced, intuitive, and made with love for both the plants and the people.

Respectfully Cultivated

Interacting with nature, Flora Numina ingredients are sourced respectfully with gratitude for the life force behind every botanical and animal-based ingredient. Where relevant, sustainable wildcrafting and ethical farming practices are employed.