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Flora Shen

Po Spirit Support Flower Essence

Po Spirit Support Flower Essence

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The Spirit Support collection are an inspired interpretation of the 5 spirits of traditional Chinese medicine. Po is the spirit pertaining to the element of metal, the lungs, and grief. Po is also referred to as the 'corporeal soul'. Instinct, embodiement, and sensing are all part of po's role.

Indications: physical pain or unease as a result of surppressed emotions, feelings of disconnect or removal from the physical body, diesmbodiment from trauma or shock.

Gifts of Po Spirit Support: feeling fully present in ones body, trusting the sensations and functions of the physical body, release emotions that linger in somatic form.

Ingredients: flower essences of cassiope, corn, yerba santa, arnica, and lungwort in a base of rose petal infused brandy and structured water.

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