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Angel Milk

Angel Milk

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The first of its kind, Angel Milk is a tallow and hydrosol based refreshing and nourishing serum/lotion hybrid with a focus on barrier-supporting ingredients like 3% vitamin B3 and centella.

Inspired by the historical European beauty tonic, Eau D'Ange, this light moistruizer is centred around rose, myrtle, and neroli hydrosols coupled with nutrient rich organic grass-fed tallow and nilotica shea.

Deeply hydrating, this serum enhances your natural glow and radiance, with help from mineral rich pearl powder, energy-amplifyig laminar mica and flower essences.

Angel Milk is a light lotion that quenches thirsty skin, providing a lit-from-within glow without being slick or heavy on the skin. It provides both hydration through hydrosols and moisturization through tallow and nilotica, but is heavier on the hydrosols making this light enough for summertime or oily skin types while still nourishing enough for dryer ones.

Containing centella asiatica and vitamin B3, Angel Milk is formulated to support a healthy skin barrier, which leads to reduced inflammation, irritation, redness, blemishes, and enlarged pores.

Apply a pump or two onto clean skin. Can be used morning or night, but provides a glow that is perfect for starting your day.

Please note that this product contains niacinamide, which may cause a flushing effect for some people. This is harmless and typically lasts only a few seconds. Some people find that this effect goes away completely after regular use of niacinamide.

Shake well before use. Colour may vary.

  • Myrtle, Neroli, and Rose Hydrosols

    Hydrosols are the steam distillation of fresh plant material. Likened to a hologram of the plant, each drop of hydrosol contains trace amounts of essential oils, the water-soluble constituents, and the water that flowed through the actual plant. Myrtle, rose, and neroli are anciently adored beauty tonics that have been trusted around the world. The trio was selected in this formula as a rendition of Eau D'Ange, a lotion used in Europe in the 16th century.

  • Centella

    Centella asiatica is a prized herb in skincare, particularly popular in K-Beauty. Centella is known to help support the skin barrier, which in turn supports reduced inflammation and sensitivity and healthy, glowing, calm complexion. Through this effect, the skin can also retain hydration better.

    In Angel Milk, centella is potently infused into tallow and nilotica to create a full-spectrum extraction using the whole plant as nature intended.

  • Pearl Powder and Laminar Mica

    These minerals impart an ethereal glow thanks to immediate light-reflecting qualities but also thanks to their deeper restorative work. Finely milled pearls have been used as a Shen tonic for beauty and the spirit for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Laminar mica is a powerful powdered crystal that helps to structure the water of this formula, allowing for a hydration that is readily recognized and utilised on a cellular level.

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Full Ingredients

Citrus aurantium hydrosol*,

Neroli hydrosol is refreshing and soothing, helping the skin to clear imperfections and balance sensitivities.

Myrtus communis hydrosol*,

Myrtle is said to be sacred to Aphrodite, so it's no wonder it can be so beautifying for the complexion. This hydrosol is a revitalizing and balancing toner for the skin.

Rosa damascena hydrosol*,

Roses are synonymous with beauty, and rose water has been known as a beauty tonic around the world for centuries. Being a hydrosol, this is a true "rose water". It is soothing, anti-aging, and hydrating to the skin.

grass-fed tallow*,

Deeply moisturising and nourishing, tallow contains many antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids that have a curative effect on a vast range of skin concerns, from medicinal to beautifying. Tallow is pure nutrition for the skin. Being both grass-fed and organic, this tallow is vitamin-rich thanks to the sunshine and grass that the animal was sustained on, as well as free from any pharmaceutical contaminants that are still given to cows that are grass-fed but not organic.

Butryospermum parkii nilotica butter*,

Cold-pressed, unrefined nilotica shea is the queen of all shea butters, with more essential fatty acids than regular shea. With a texture that is both rich yet light and silky, nilotica further enhances the smoothness of this formula while imparting a boost of vitmamins A and E.

It's more difficult to come by nilotica that is certified organic, but it was important for us to source one that is!

infused with Centella asiatica*,

Centella is a herb prized in Korean beauty. It reduces redness, inflammation, and irritation. Centella is also prized in anti-aging, hydration, and supporting and improving the skins barrier.

raw honey*,

Loved by all, sweet nectar honey is potent in healing and hydrating the skin as a antibacterial emollient. Kept in it's raw form, honey also contains enzymes and a plethora of nutrients in a sweet little package.


Niacinamide, or vitamin B3 is a popular skincare ingredient for good reasons. It is used to help with enlarged pores, dullness, fine lines, and a compromised skin barrier. B3 gives a luminous glow while healing the skin.

It is used in this formula at 3%.


Sourced from sunflowers, lecithin is used to emulsify this cream. Along with marrying the waters and oils of this product together, lecithin also softens and hydrates the skin as an emollient and water-binder.

Populus tremuloides bark extract,

Aspen bark extract is used here as part of our natrual preservation system. It helps to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and molds, while softening skin due to its natural salicylate content.

pearl powder,

Finely ground freshwater pearls are an ancient beauty tonic and medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are known to support the shen, the spirit which presents itself through the spark in our eyes and the glow on our faces. Pearl powder is full of minerals and amino acids that help to support collagen production, cellular repair, and luminosity.


This mineral is said to be a connected communicator of the cosmos, and they enhance the energetic field of water. Angel milk is hydrosol-based, and the addition of mica helps make these structured plant waters even more energetically potent. It also helps to bring forth an ethteral glow.

glyceryl caprylate,

Glyceryl caprylate is a monoester of caprylic acid and gylcerin. It helps to stabilise the formula while providing gentle antimicrobial support to enhance shelf-life. Our glyceryl caprylate in non-gmo.

Sambucus nigra fruit extract,

Elderberry extract is an amazing multitasker. Filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, this extract helps to prevent premature aging and soothes and softens the skin. In addition, elderberry is a gentle preservative booster and helps guard against fungal microorganisms.

sodium anisate and sodium levulinate,

Naturally derived from non-gmo sugarcane and anise, sodium anisate and levulinate act as gentle yet powerful preservatives.

Magnolia officinalis bark extract,

Magnolia bark is rich is magnolol and honokiol, which are strongly anti-inflammatory, fighting against ageing and inflammation. However, magnolia also fights against molds and bacteria, helping this product to stay fresh.

lactic acid,

A minute amount of this AHA is added to balance the pH of the formula. The pH of our skincare products are balanced to around a 5.5, which is the average balanced pH of our skin.


Phycocyanin is a deeply pigmented extract derived from algae. It is used in this formula for it's beautiful blue colour- but its antioxidant power doesn't hurt either!

flower essences*

Flower essences of angelica, morning glory, and lady's mantle are added to this lotion to create a ritualistic experience when nourishing your skin.

Angelica: this essence connects us to the spiritual presences that are always present with us to commune with.

Morning glory: this essence helps to ignite the spark within, breaking through dullness and catalyzing life forces. This translates in skincare as helping to create a refreshed and revitalized complexion.

Lady's mantle: affiliated the earths hydrosphere, lady's mantle helps us to hydrate. With alcehmists prizing this plant for its ability to attract and hold dew, perhaps it can help attribute a dewy glow to our skin as well. This essence enhances our connection to medicines, including those we use for skincare.

*- organic **-wildcrafted

What We Offer

Organic, Wildcrafted, and Grass-Fed

Sourcing is at the forefront of Flora Numina products. Our botanicals and flower essences are organic or wildcrafted, and animal-based products are both organic and grass-fed (where applicable). We believe that if natural products are tainted by chemical influences such as pesticides and genetically modified ingredients, they can do more harm than good. We would rather miss out of making a product or using an ingredient if not available at a high purity than compromise on this belief.


Our skincare is focused on using healing and nourishing animal-based saturated fats. Products like tallow and ghee are highly stable, meaning they do not easily oxidise like unsaturated plant oils (such as rosehip oil, sunflower oil, and grapeseed oil which are all so popular in skincare). This is important as oxidisation can lead to skin damage, aging, inflammation, and so on.

In addition to stability, animal-based fats are loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and so on that feed and repair our skin, no matter the concern or skin type.

Since animals can store toxins in their fat, it is integral to source fats from healthy animals. This is why Flora Numina uses exclusively organic and grass-fed tallow and ghee harvested from pastured, healthy cows.

Practitioner Formulated

Flora Numina was founded by a certified flower essence practitioner and licensed acupuncturist who sought to bring her formulations to a larger population. With in-depth experience both personally and professionally with flower essences and herbal medicine, the offerings at Flora Numina are nuanced, intuitive, and made with love for both the plants and the people.

Respectfully Cultivated

Interacting with nature, Flora Numina ingredients are sourced respectfully with gratitude for the life force behind every botanical and animal-based ingredient. Where relevant, sustainable wildcrafting and ethical farming practices are employed.