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Flora Shen

Ambrosia Face Cream

Ambrosia Face Cream

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A rich and intensely nourishing cream that is harmonious for all skin types. Not to be confused with a tallow balm, this product is a true cream emulsion, meaning it has both a water (or in this case, hydrosol) component for hydration, and a fat component for moisturisation. Ambrosia is made up of completely organic and wild-crafted ingredients that work together to moisturise, hydrate, and balance the skin. The formula is meant to do it all- which is why ingredient properties range from emollient to purifying to healing in nature. Practically PUFA free, essential oil free.


Jojoba oleoresin* of propolis*, elemi, myrrh, frankincense, and pine resin**: Resins are a substance produced by trees (or bees, in the case of proplis) to seal and mend wounds in the bark. This hints at the function they also lend to our skin. Resins are regenerative and deeply healing to the skin, many with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. These carefully selected resins are slowly melted down into cold-pressed jojoba, an oil that closely resembles our own sebum and is high in natural ceramides. The whole resins are dissolved and held in the finished oleoresin, not strained out after extraction, to ensure the full benefit of these skin healers.

Grass-fed tallow*: deeply moisturising and nourishing, tallow contains many antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids that have a curative effect on a vast range of skin concerns, from medicinal to beautifying. Being both grass-fed and organic, this tallow is vitamin-rich thanks to the sunshine and grass that the animal was sustained on, as well as free from any pharmaceutical contaminants that are still given to cows that are grass-fed but not organic.

Cocoa butter* and grass-fed ghee*: two other fats that the skin loves, cocoa butter and ghee both contains antioxidants and nutrients that feed the skin while moisturising and protecting it. This ghee is both organic and grass-fed, to ensure the optimal quality and nourishment as outlined above with the tallow.

Cistus and rosemary verbenone hydrosol*: Hydrosols impart hydration in the Ambrosia formula. Cistus, or labdanum hydrosol is plumps cells, imparting a smoothening effect on fine-lines. It is also astringent and anti-septic, helping to heal blemishes and wounds.  Rosemary purifies and stimulates flow, refreshing the complexion.

Raw honey*: honey is a superstar for skin. It is a humectant and is also anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and contains enzymes that gently exfoliate. The plethora of benefits honey provides contributes to clear, moisturised, and healthy skin.

Sunflower lecithin*: an emulsifier that is also emollient and repairing to the skin.

Leucidal SF Complete: a natural preservative derived from fermented radishes and coconut.

Vitamin E: derived from sunflower, vitamin e is well known to help with skin healing and regeneration, helping to reduce scars and prevent wrinkles.

Aspen bark extract: also used as a preservative with a bonus softening effect on skin due to its naturally occurring salicylates. 

Beeswax*: beeswax serves to further stabilise the formula, while helping the skin to retain hydration and moisture.

Flower essences of pretty face, manzanita, desert lily, and corn lily: these essences are selected to help one see their own beauty, both inner and outer. These essences encourage release of shame or poor body-image, and encourage radiance from the inside out.


**= wildcrafted

Perishable, store in a cool dark place and use within 3 months. Colour variation is normal. Fine brown specks of resin may be present- this is normal. 

25 grams. 

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