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Ambrosia Face Cream

Ambrosia Face Cream

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Bestselling Ambrosia is a deeply restorative and healing cream. Intended to serve all skin types and concerns, Ambrosia is brimming with healing resins, luscious emollients, and refreshing hydrosols.

*Please note, as of May 2024 the formula has changed slightly with a new preservative system and the addition of nilotica instead of cacao butter. Please review the ingredient list for allergens.

30 ml/25 g

Colour may vary

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A rich and intensely nourishing cream that is harmonious for all skin types. Not to be confused with a tallow balm, this product is a true cream emulsion, meaning it has both a water (or in this case, hydrosol) component for hydration, and a fat component for moisturisation. Ambrosia is made up of organic and wild-crafted ingredients that work together to moisturise, hydrate, and balance the skin. The formula is meant to do it all- which is why ingredient properties range from emollient to purifying to healing in nature. Essential oil free and nearly PUFA free, Ambrosia is focused on saturated fats and whole herb extracts and distillations.

Ambrosia is a rich yet balancing cream that is suitable for a range of skin concerns. The ingredients in this formula support healthy ageing with its antioxidant and collagen supporting properties, help reduce blemishes and irritations through its antbacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, and nourish and hydrate through its nourishing lipids, distilled plant waters, and humectant ingredients.

Apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin as desired. Can be used morning or night, but works great at repairing and regenerating your complexion while you get your beauty sleep.

*This product may soften or melt in high temperatures such as during shipment in the summertime. The formula will return to normal at room temperature. If some separation occurs when melted before initial use, you may gently stir the cream with a sterilised utensil to re-incorporate.

**The Ambrosia formula has changed slightly since the first edition, with a new preservative system in place and the addition of nilotica shea instead of cacao butter. Please consult the ingredient list for more information and to check for potential allergens.

  • Resins

    These sticky fragrant substances are part of a trees innate healing system. Just as they heal and regenerate the bark of the tree, they are also amazing at healing and regenerating our own skin. This formula includes 5 different resins that have been used in medicine and beauty for centuries.

  • Tallow

    Rich in antioxidants and vitamins (such as A, D, E, and K), tallow can really do it all. Being a saturated fat, tallow is highly stable and bioavailable to our cells. The tallow found in our products are organic and grass-fed to ensure the highest purity and nutritional value. Tallow sinks right into the skin leaving it soft and nourished.

  • Raw Honey

    This sweet gift from the bees provides healing and hydration to the skin. A natural antimicrobial and humectant, full of enzymes and nutrients in its unpasturised form, honey is deeply nourishing to all skin types. Wether acne-prone, dull, or irritated, sweet-heart honey is there to soothe and heal.

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Full Ingredients

Simmondsia chinensis oil*,

Cold-pressed, golden jojoba oil is a wax rich in ceramides and vitamin E. Jojoba is often touted as being very similar to our own sebum, making it very well accepted by most peoples skin.

grass-fed tallow*,

Deeply moisturising and nourishing, tallow contains many antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids that have a curative effect on a vast range of skin concerns, from medicinal to beautifying. Tallow is pure nutrition for the skin. Being both grass-fed and organic, this tallow is vitamin-rich thanks to the sunshine and grass that the animal was sustained on, as well as free from any pharmaceutical contaminants that are still given to cows that are grass-fed but not organic.

Butryospermum parkii nilotica butter*,

Cold-pressed, unrefined nilotica shea is the queen of all shea butters, with more essential fatty acids than regular shea. With a texture that is both rich yet light and silky, nilotica further enhances the smoothness of this formula while imparting a boost of vitmamins A and E.

It's more difficult to come by nilotica that is certified organic, but it was important for us to source one that is!

grass-fed ghee*,

Golden ghee contributes to glowing and supple skin. Filled with antioxidants and vitamins, ghee is amazing skin-food and is used to moisturise and brighten the complexion

With sourcing and purity being the of the utmost importance, this ghee is both organic and grass-fed, traditionally made, and is of the highest quality.

infused resins of Boswellia carterii, Canarium luzonicum, Commiphora myrrha, Pinus strobus**, and propolis*,

Resins are a substance produced by trees (or bees, in the case of proplis) to seal and mend wounds in the bark. This hints at the function they also lend to our skin. Resins are regenerative and deeply healing to the skin, many with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Whole resins are melted down into this skin cream, providing a spectrum of benefits that are not found in the distilled essental oils alone. In addition, being akin to the blood of the trees, resins are a deeply grounding medicine from the forests.

Frankincense: anciently adored as a medicinal and spiritual substance, frankincense is rich in boswellic acid. This resin is anti-inflammatory and promotes skin elasticity.

Elemi: elemi has a particular affiliation with skincare, being prized for centuries in helping with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Myrrh: this resin aids in healing blemishes with its antiseptic, healing nature. It rejuvenates the skin, contributing to healing and healthy ageing.

Pine: healing to a range of irritated skin conditions, pine is an unsung hero in skincare that everyone could benefit from thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory nature.

Propolis: this resin is one that, unlike the others in this blend, is not created by trees, but rather by bees! Propolis is well loved in Korean beauty products due to its ability to fight acne and support skin soothing.

Cistus ladaniferus hydrosol*,

This steam distillation of rockrose is known to be powerful in supporting the reduction of wrinkles and fine-lines through its cell-plumping magic. It also supports wound and scar healing. Rockrose has been medicinally and in sacred rites since the ancient Egyptians.

Rosmarinus officinalis hydrosol*,

Rosemary verbenone hydrosol is gentle yet purifying, decongesting the pores and calming irritated and rough skin.

raw honey*,

Loved by all, sweet nectar honey is potent in healing and hydrating the skin as a antibacterial emollient. Kept in its raw form, honey also contains enzymes and a plethora of nutrients in a sweet little package.


Sourced from sunflowers, lecithin is used to emulsify this cream. Along with marrying the waters and oils of this product together, lecithin also softens and hydrates the skin as an emollient and water-binder.

Populus tremuloides bark extract,

Aspen bark extract is used here as part of our natural preservation system. It helps to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and molds, while softening skin due to its natural salicylate content.

Sambucus nigra fruit extract,

Elderberry extract is an amazing multitasker. Filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, this extract helps to prevent premature ageing and soothes and softens the skin. In addition, elderberry is a gentle preservative booster and helps guard against fungal microorganisms.

Cera alba*,

Beeswax helps to stabilise this cream while locking moisture into the skin.

sodium anisate and sodium levulinate,

Naturally derived from non-gmo sugarcane and anise, sodium anisate and levulinate act as gentle yet powerful preservatives.

Magnolia officinalis bark extract,

Magnolia bark is rich is magnolol and honokiol, which are strongly anti-inflammatory, fighting against ageing and inflammation. However, magnolia also fights against molds and bacteria, helping this product to stay fresh.

lactic acid,

A minute amount of this AHA is added to balance the pH of the formula. The pH of our skincare products are balanced to around a 5.5, which is the average balanced pH of our skin.

flower essences*

Flower essences of pretty face, corn lily, desert lily, and manzanita are added to this cream to create a ritualistic experience when nourishing your skin.

Pretty face: the name says it all. This flower teaches us to see the beauty from within ourselves radiate outwards.

Corn lily: this essence resonates particularly with women in the ageing process. Corn lily helps us to celebrate life and the wisdom we gain through the years of it, rather than finding ourselves in the entrapments of societal views of ageing.

Desert lily: this flower helps us to recognise the beauty found in the natural world around us, which in turn helps us to see the beauty we are as part of this natural world.

Manzanita: manzanita helps us to have joy and pleasure in and for our physical bodies. This essence helps connect our body and spirit so we can appreciate this incarnation, which can be stiffled if we feel shame in our appearance.

*- organic **-wildcrafted

What We Offer

Organic, Wildcrafted, and Grass-Fed

Sourcing is at the forefront of Flora Numina products. Our botanicals and flower essences are organic or wildcrafted, and animal-based products are both organic and grass-fed (where applicable). We believe that if natural products are tainted by chemical influences such as pesticides and genetically modified ingredients, they can do more harm than good. We would rather miss out of making a product or using an ingredient if not available at a high purity than compromise on this belief.


Our skincare is focused on using healing and nourishing animal-based saturated fats. Products like tallow and ghee are highly stable, meaning they do not easily oxidise like unsaturated plant oils (such as rosehip oil, sunflower oil, and grapeseed oil which are all so popular in skincare). This is important as oxidisation can lead to skin damage, aging, inflammation, and so on.

In addition to stability, animal-based fats are loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and so on that feed and repair our skin, no matter the concern or skin type.

Since animals can store toxins in their fat, it is integral to source fats from healthy animals. This is why Flora Numina uses exclusively organic and grass-fed tallow and ghee harvested from pastured, healthy cows.

Practitioner Formulated

Flora Numina was founded by a certified flower essence practitioner and licensed acupuncturist who sought to bring her formulations to a larger population. With in-depth experience both personally and professionally with flower essences and herbal medicine, the offerings at Flora Numina are nuanced, intuitive, and made with love for both the plants and the people.

Respectfully Cultivated

Interacting with nature, Flora Numina ingredients are sourced respectfully with gratitude for the life force behind every botanical and animal-based ingredient. Where relevant, sustainable wildcrafting and ethical farming practices are employed.