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Flora Shen

Trinity Beauty Balm

Trinity Beauty Balm

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Trinity is an ode to three flowers and the bees that love them. Rose, calendula, and lavender, and whole bee propolis are potently infused into nourishing, grass-fed and organic ghee and cold-pressed organic jojoba oil. 

Trinity is a loose balm designed to be used like an oil. This silky balm will melt effortlessly in your hand and has enough slip where you will be able to do your favourite facial massage or gua sha routine. 


Cold-pressed jojoba* oil: this oil/wax is prized in skincare for its naturally occurring ceramides and vitamin E which work to repair and nourish the skin. Jojoba has a maximum of 3% PUFA's, making this a very stable oil. Jojoba is also known to be beneficial for nearly all skin types since it's similar to our own natural sebum, being readily absorbed and non-comedogenic. 

Grass-fed ghee*: the high-quality, pure ghee used in this formula is a superbly vitamin-rich saturated fat, providing the skin with vitamin E, D, and A. Ghee provides the skin with a glow, deep moisture that penetrates the skin, and helps with skin elasticity, healing, and nourishment.

Infused into the above fats are rose*, calendula*, and lavender*: 

Vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, and circulation boosting calendula helps the skin regenerate and heal while increasing blood and lymph flow to impart a glow.

Soothing to the spirit and healing to the skin, lavender is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. A well known herb for its ability to heal the skin while purifying it.

Rose, a flower widely identified with its role in nurturing both beauty and the heart. Especially loving towards sensitive and upset skin.

Beeswax*: beeswax has the ability to protect the skin and lock in moisture without clogging or suffocating the skin. It stabilises this formula, helping to marry all the ingredients together.

Grass-fed tallow*: deeply moisturising and nourishing, tallow contains many antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids that have a curative effect on a vast range of skin concerns, from medicinal to beautifying. Being both grass-fed and organic, this tallow is vitamin-rich thanks to the sunshine and grass that the animal was sustained on, as well as free from any pharmaceutical contaminants that are still given to cows that are grass-fed but not organic.

Propolis*: this sticky substance made by bees is a super tonic for the skin. Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and rich in antioxidants, propolis heals the skin and supports the prevention of premature ageing. This makes propolis wonderful for all skin types, ranging from acne-troubled to mature.

CoQ10: pure CoQ10/Ubiquinone is a supreme antioxidant. Prized in skincare for its ability to boost collagen production, support cellular health, and protect against oxidation resulting in a firm and glowing complexion.

Pearl powder*: An ancient medicine most popularly used in China, crushed pearls have been reported to have been used as far back as 320 A.D. Pearl is a shen tonic that is healing to the skin, containing a range of amino acids and minerals that support the skins barrier and collagen production. 

Rosemary antioxidant Co2: just a touch of this antioxidant extracted from rosemary is added to this blend to further support the shelf life of this product. 

*= organic

**= wildcrafted 

Store in a cool space. May liquify in warmer temperatures- refrigerate to solidify. Granulation may occur when subject to temperature fluctuations. This is normal and due to the high ghee content. 

20 grams. 

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